Easy Returns


If the purchase was made by a registered user, the request must be sent from the account page: sign in with your account and click on "My Orders" select the order for which you want to ask the return and click on "View Order "and check that the data is correct. Click on the upper right of the page, on" Request Returned Goods" fill out the form that appears to specify which articles of that order you mean to return and specify your preference between a refund or store credit to be used for future purchases. 


Upon receipt of the return request, if approved, Stocksmetic will send a written confirmation by email containing all the instructions to follow. Below the same instructions:

Upon receipt of the email approving the return, go to "Request return", or from your account using the link in the email itself. Click in the top right corner on "Print Label", fill out the required fields and proceed by printing the label. In this way you will print the label to be attached to the package containing the merchandise to be returned. The label printed will automatically contain all the necessary data and the number of return authorization (RNA). This label has to be obligatorily attached to the package to be returned and is needed for acceptance of the warehouse. The shipment must take place within 15 days. The shipping address will be communicated in the mail containing also the authorization code necessary to return the goods. Stocksmetic reserves the right to refuse returns unlabelled and authorization number (RNA)

Once shipped the goods, you need to log in again in "Requests Return" (from your account or from the link in the approval of the return) and click "Shipping Confirmation" to notify that the goods you want to return has been shipped. Stocksmetic reserves the right to refuse returns sent without having completed the procedure of confirmation of shipment.