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Winter hair routine to protect your hair from the cold

Winter hair routine to protect your hair from the cold

Feb 5, 2020

Double ends, shine and non-existent volume may be just some of the problems that hair has during the winter period, because of the presence of some aggressive atmospheric agents such as cold, wind and humidity.

Taking care of your hair is essential to make it look healthy: therefore, to avoid irreparable damage, it is important to change your beauty routine, nourishing and moisturizing your hair with specific formulations.

Among shampoos, conditioners and oils, there are many products to protect your hair during the coldest period of the year: let's discover together the ideal formulations and the perfect packaging to create a haircare line!

A delicate shampoo not to dry out the lengths

Hair care starts with cleansing: during this season, using delicate natural herbal shampoos can be a good starting point for your hair routine. The result will be immediately visible with smoother and softer hair. For this reason, a pack suitable for green formulations is the 200 ml r-Pet plastic New Pure bottle to combine with the black Flip Top capsule. It is an eco-friendly but at the same time practical solution.

The balm to nourish the ends 

After shampooing, the conditioner is an important hair treat. Massaging them for five minutes with a nourishing formulation will make them more disciplined. The 200 ml Tube bottle is the most suitable pack for this type of product thanks to its ease of use.

A moisturizing mask for silky hair

To have a silky and super bright effect, it is essential to apply a mask based on argan oil or shea butter.  The secret is to leave it on for at least 10 minutes so that it penetrates the lengths and nourishes the hair in depth. The result will be surprising: the natural reflections of the hair will be highlighted and the hair will be even softer.

Hair care invernale

The 250 ml Round jar is among the most suitable to guarantee perfect protection of the product.

A thermo-protective serum to protect hair from hair dryer and straighteners

Temperature changes are hair's worst enemies: the icy cold of winter combined with the heat of a hair dryer and straighteners can be really harmful. To ensure complete protection, it is important to apply a thermo-protective serum on the lengths. To vaporize the product, the most suitable pack is the 250 ml New Pure bottle completed with the Minitrigger or the Ice Spray pump.