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Subscription boxes: from convenience to wow effect

Subscription boxes: from convenience to wow effect

Mar 1, 2021

They are now a worldwide trend, increasingly appreciated by skincare and make-up lovers. We are talking about subscription boxes, which are delivered once a month and contain themed cosmetics and the latest beauty market innovations.

The great success they are achieving is due to their convenience. The value of the products inside them is often higher than the cost of the monthly subscription, allowing you to experiment with different types of formulations just released on the market or less known. The surprise effect is also one of the aspects that subscribers like most: the chance to test products that you don't know and have pleasant discoveries is really priceless and satisfying.

The first subscription boxes appeared in the U.S. as early as 2010. Today there are many companies that produce them, more than 7000 worldwide, with an annual growth, between 2013 and 2018, of more than 100%. A real boom that seems not to stop even in 2021.

The best packaging for your subscription boxes

Most beauty boxes contain cosmetic formulations such as creams, serums, masks, sunscreens, lipstick, mascara and more depending on the kind of subscription chosen and seasonality. The box usually includes products in both travel size and full size versions. 

Beauty Box

Stocksmetic is a reference point in the international packaging market and offers you a wide range of bottles and jars perfect for creating your subscription boxes.

For a mini size line of creams, the 15 ml Luxe jar is an ideal pack if you want to give a touch of elegance to your formulations making them more unique and exclusive. In the case of natural cosmetics, serums and lotions, the 15 ml Pocket bottle is indicated because it allows a better preservation of the product over time, thanks to the Airless system. 

The 100 ml Tube bottle is also an ideal packaging for your beauty box: practical and easy to use, it can contain body creams and sun products.

For a make-up box, the Compact Magnet Follie is a stylish container designed to contain powder, blush, eye shadow and compact foundations. The Lipstick Magnet bottle is perfect for lip balms and lipsticks.

All our packaging can be customized with your logo thanks to boxes and labels or screen printing service. The result will be unique, super glam and will surprise your customers.