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Stressed hair: the products for shiny hair during the summer

Stressed hair: the products for shiny hair during the summer

May 5, 2020

The arrival of summer and the hours spent under the sun are certainly not good for our hair. To combat dryness, split ends and the low brightness of the hair, it is good to adopt a specific beauty routine with appropriate treatments.

I prodotti per capelli stressati

The sun's rays are among the main causes of stressed hair: they are able to damage the layers of keratin, a substance that keeps it healthy and shiny and weakens the hair shaft, dehydrating and making the lengths drier. These problems are mainly found by women with long hair, who find it harder to manage the damage of the sun.

In these cases, the keywords are nutrition and hydration: using products that protect and help the hair to be softer and healthier even during the hottest time of the year is the secret to always have perfect hair.

It is advisable to pay attention already from the cleansing phase: a delicate shampoo able to nourish the hair, based on olive oil or linseed, helps to restore the natural structure of the hair, making it immediately softer and combable.

I segreti per dei capelli sani e forti

The shampoo, however, is not enough, in fact, it is recommended to apply keratin masks to repair and reconstruct the hair, eliminating frizz effect and split ends.

Finally, it is important to keep the hair hydrated even when you are under the sun, using a milk spray that also allows you to protect the color of the hair, without fading it.

A products line for damaged hair with Stocksmetic Packaging

Practical and comfortable to carry with you at all times, Stocksmetic's packaging are perfect to contain your hair product line. In addition, the wide range of interchangeable accessories will allow precise applications without product waste.

For an elegant yet ergonomic shampoo line, the 250 ml Heavy plastic bottle combined with the shiny black Girotondo cap is the ideal solution for this kind of formulation. 

In the case of moisturising conditioners and nourishing masks, the most suitable packaging is the  200 ml Heavy bottle with the white Girotondo cap and the 250 ml Pure Green jar, perfect for products enriched with natural ingredients.

Finally, the recommended pack for the milk spray to be applied on the lengths is the 100 ml Pure bottle combined with the black Ice spray pump: a container that allows you to vaporize the formulation in a practical way for an immediate effect.

Create in a few simple steps a packaging line for elegant but at the same time trendy hair products and personalize them with boxes and labels or with the screen printing service.