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Skincare Routine: treatments against skin imperfections

Skincare Routine: treatments against skin imperfections

Feb 22, 2021

February is the month of the year when many skincare lovers start to get ready for summer.

To fight stretch marks, cellulite, the signs of aging and in general to protect the skin from sun exposure, there are many latest generation treatments that help to reduce imperfections, strengthen the skin and improve self-confidence.

Cellulite and water retention: the draining treatments of the moment

About 80% of women every year have to deal with the problem of cellulite and water retention on thighs and hips but also on the abdomen and arms.

In addition to a healthy diet and regular physical activity, it is essential to follow a strict beauty routine.

Among the most used products there are the cold effect anti-cellulite gels: thanks to the warm-cold sensation they generate once applied, they stimulate the microcirculation and exfoliate the skin, making it more toned, elastic and smooth.

At least twice a week, it is also recommended to massage the legs with a toning and draining oil. Ingredients such as green tea, chili pepper are powerful detoxifiers that purify the skin of the body, giving a unique wellness sensation. 

In these cases, even the packaging is essential to preserve the product optimally and to ensure precise application.

For your draining creams line, the 250 ml Pure jar in Green Pe plastic is a practical yet eco-sustainable pack, perfect to enhance natural formulas.

In the case of oils and serums for body massage, the 100 ml New Pure bottle in transparent glass is a luxury solution, ideal for making your beauty elixirs even more precious. 

Sun creams: the best ally against skin aging

In recent years, tanning is considered synonymous with beauty: however, you must be very careful about the damage of sunlight and expose yourself to the sun only after applying a protection.

The secret to get a risk-free tan is to prepare the skin already in the first months of the year by using beta-carotene supplements and having a complete diet with fruits and vegetables.

In addition, before going to the beach it is good to apply a sunscreen or lotion with medium-high Spf, to be applied evenly to avoid redness and erythema.

To preserve the health of the hair, it is also recommended to vaporize a hair sun spray that allows it to keep it protected and hydrated, without being damaged by the sun.

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In this case, the recommended containers for sun creams and lotions are the Tube packaging, a line of easy-to-use bottles that allow you to protect your formulations even under the sun. Also available in the pocket size of 10 and 100 ml, they are perfect to take with you.

Moreover, for a complete hair care line, the 200 ml New Pure bottle combined with the mini-trigger is a pack suitable for hair sprays.

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