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Safe Beauty: the new cosmetic trend

Safe Beauty: the new cosmetic trend

Feb 9, 2021

The Covid emergency is driving a lot of changes in different areas of our lives, both economically and socially. Nothing is the same as it used to be and even the beauty sector is undergoing profound transformations.

Consumers around the world, in fact, have an increasing need for safety and protection: to meet this new challenge, Safe beauty was born.

These are not only clean products made without toxic ingredients, but also cosmetics made with more secure packaging able to protect the formulation over time. These are the main features of this new branch of cosmetics that is achieving huge success worldwide.

Especially among young people of Generation Z, safe beauty also means informing themselves about the origin, discovering the processing methods used and being aware of the effects of each active ingredient.

For this reason, many brands are adapting to this new market need, providing consumers with certifications attesting to the safety of the product or emphasizing the advantages and beneficial action of the different ingredients.

In this sense, primary and secondary packaging plays an important role in order to establish a more direct and transparent communication with potential buyers.

Safety first with Stocksmetic packaging 

For us at Stocksmetic Packaging the issue of formula preservation is paramount. For this reason, we make high-quality packaging with the best raw materials.

Our Airless collection is a packaging line that allows you to preserve your skincare products longer without the addition of chemical preservatives. Thanks to Airless technology, the contact with the external environment is less, thus reducing the proliferation of bacteria.

Our Airless bottles, therefore, represent a perfect solution for creams, serums, lotions based on natural ingredients.

Safe Beauty: flaconi Airless

Our Green collection is also perfect for safe beauty formulations: its packs, made of Green PE and r-Pet, are manufactured with recycled plastic and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.  This is an eco-sustainable choice that respects the environment while ensuring elegance and design.

If you also want to keep up with the latest market trends, Stocksmetic is the solution for you. Our packaging can be customized with boxes and labels or with the service of screen printing with custom graphics and texts. They are essential to communicate to your customers the value and preciousness of your products.