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The future of cosmetics between innovation and sustainability

The future of cosmetics between innovation and sustainability

Jan 19, 2021

Innovation and sustainability are the two main elements that will animate the global cosmetics sector in 2021. The production processes of the companies in this sector are evolving, becoming increasingly oriented towards the green and eco-friendly world.

Not only renewable raw materials combined with an eco-design of the product, but also a reduction of consumption and waste during the production phases and the concepts of biodegradability of the product and recyclability of the packaging: these are all aspects that are increasingly considered by consumers but at the same time by companies that are increasing their investments in the process of digitalization and in an eco-sustainable production chain.

Cosmetica eco-friendly

The demand for sustainable beauty has therefore become a global need: the desire to safeguard the ecosystem and our own health is increasingly strong, especially in this moment of sanitary emergency. Small gestures make the difference to improve the environment, such as choosing a cream with completely natural ingredients or with recyclable packaging, made with low CO2 emissions.

Big players and the small-medium companies are launching eco-friendly lines in order to meet this growing demand.

Data also show this increase: according to a forecast by Grand View Research, in the next 4 years the green beauty market will reach over 25 billion dollars, a very important goal for the entire sector.

Green and design: the Stocksmetic Packaging eco-friendly line

To meet this trend, Stocksmetic has created a collection made entirely of recyclable materials.

Specifically, our eco-friendly packaging is obtained from the regeneration of recycled PET bottles or from other renewable sources such as sugar cane. Moreover, their production takes place with a considerable decrease of CO₂ in the environment.

This is an important innovation to satisfy the growing demand for eco-friendly products.

Our catalog is constantly being updated with the aim to offer the latest generation of packaging, perfect for all kinds of cosmetic formulations.

Among our range of green packaging, there is the r-Pet New Pure line in black and amber, composed of bottles ranging from 50 to 250 ml. For a face cream or serum line, we propose the 30 and 50 ml Sky in Green PE bottles: these are two elegant and practical packs to carry with you on any occasion.

Finally, the 50ml and 250ml Pure white jars in Green PE are the perfect alternative for creams and body masks or scrubs.

Visit our section of eco-friendly packaging and be inspired by all our proposals to be customized with your logos and graphics thanks to our screen printing service or boxes and labels available in different finishes.