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The importance of packaging to communicate your products

The importance of packaging to communicate your products

Nov 13, 2019

Packaging has long become one of the fundamental elements of a product. It is not only packaging, but it represents a communicative component, essential to promote a product. An original, innovative and personalized pack can increase the product value, making it more visible and desirable to consumers.

As some neuromarketing studies have shown, the colour  is a key aspect in telling the product to the target audience.

The colours, intensity and the texture of a packaging can induce people to buy or to go away. For example, in the US, during a consumers  test using a medical device such as MRI, it was discovered that brightly colored, shiny plastic crisps packs stimulated the anterior cingular cortex, a brain area related to guilt.

This demonstrates how snacks with these characteristics are purchased less than those with opaque packaging and neutral colors such as beige, usually associated with healthy food.

Packaging is thus becoming increasingly important. In this way, companies pay attention to the packaging of their products, using studies on materials, colors and design in order to involve the final consumer emotionally as much as possible.

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L'importanza del packaging per i tuoi prodotti di bellezza

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