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Hygiene & Safety section: all personal protection products

Hygiene & Safety section: all personal protection products

Aug 31, 2020

The summer is almost over and it is time to think about reopening your business, your shop or company in total safety for your customers and employees.

At this particular time, it is good to be equipped with protective devices such as masks and hand sanitizer, which are fundamental tools to preserve your health.

Stocksmetic has decided to meet the needs of its customers by creating the Hygiene & Safety section in its e-shop, where you can find hand sanitizers, surgical masks and the innovative Arya masks. These are top quality products dedicated to hygiene and personal protection.

A complete hand sanitizers line

The hand sanitizer is now an inevitable product in the daily life of every person: when you leave home, go to crowded places it is recommended to always have clean hands, using disinfectant solutions in gel or spray comfortable to take with you on any occasion.

Igienizzanti mani da 15 ml

Stocksmetic offers you the possibility to create a hand sanitizer line, thanks to the practical 15 ml bottle to be personalised with your logo and graphics. It is a pack that you can easily carry with you in your bag thanks to its pocket size.

Alternatively, you can buy the 25 kg hand sanitizer cans and choose one of the Stocksmetic plastic packaging to obtain a collection of disinfectants in the desired size.

It is a Made in Italy formulation with an alcohol content of 71,8°, able to eliminate germs and bacteria in a few seconds, leaving the skin soft and pleasantly scented. 

Greater safety with protective masks

The use of protective masks in many countries is a must when you are away from home, especially if you are indoors and with many people.

Mascherine chirurgiche

Stocksmetic, in addition to offering the classic disposable surgical masks available in packs of 50 pieces, offers you the possibility to buy Arya masks, an innovative product, completely Made in Italy, designed to ensure greater personal protection, in full respect of the environment. It is a class I type II medical facial mask composed of separate and interchangeable elements, comfortable to wear in any occasion, even when wearing glasses or playing sports.

Arya Mask Kit

In addition to ensuring greater protection, it stands out for the further advantage of environmental sustainability, thus being recyclable and eco-sustainable: in fact, it is not necessary to replace it every time you wear it, but simply change the filter. In each package there are 30 filters, composed of 3 layers of filter fabric, easily interchangeable: once they are sold out they can be purchased in our online store in packs of 30 pieces.

Visit our Hygiene & Safety section and discover all the products to ensure greater personal protection.