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Hemp fragrances: a new concept of olfactory beauty

Hemp fragrances: a new concept of olfactory beauty

Feb 15, 2021

Hemp is achieving great success in the cosmetic sector, so much so that it has become one of the most loved and requested ingredients in creams, serums and lotions: we are talking about hemp, one of the active ingredients that has revolutionized the beauty world in the last decade. For some time now, however, this precious ingredient has become the olfactory base of numerous fragrance lines, both of small and big brands.

Thanks to its delicate and multifaceted aroma, it combines musky and pungent nuances reminding the scent of earth and hay with aromatic scents such as incense, juniper and sage. If vaporized on wrists and neck, it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness, which brings to mind exotic scenarios where nature is the real protagonist.

Hemp is particularly suitable for male, female and unisex fragrances but also for home fragrances. Hypnotic and irresistible, its aroma allows you to create an absolutely relaxing atmosphere: if placed in the bedroom or in spaces such as a wellness center, the hemp diffuser infuses calm and peace, giving a unique olfactory pleasure.

An exclusive bottle line for your hemp fragrance collection

Be inspired by our packaging selection dedicated to the fragrance world. From classic rounded shapes to modern and squared designs, our bottles are the perfect solution to satisfy every kind of taste and request.

Moreover, in order to create a complete and personalized fragrance line, it is possible to complete the packs with your logo and graphics thanks to the boxes and labels available in different finishes or to the screen printing service.

Fragranze alla canapa

Among our most popular and requested bottles, there is Virgi, an iconic and timeless pack available in 100 ml size. To make it even more unique and glam, it can be combined with spray pumps and caps in different finishes such as wood, gold or silver.

The 10 ml Vip bottle is the ideal solution for a roll-on perfume. Thanks to its pocket size, it is practical to carry with you in your bag or during a journey.

Finally, if you want to create a home fragrance collection as well, the 50 ml Essence bottle is ideal for a refined line designed for any type of space.

Do you have any doubt about the most suitable pack for your needs? Rely on our customer service: our consultants will be at your complete disposal to advise you on the best packaging solution for your beauty project.